Artist Residency

ARTIST RESIDENCY PROGRAM is a collaborative program between Jendela Ide Indonesia and Dalemwangi Art Space, which has long facilitated collaborative, intercultural, research-based art programs with a focus on art & nature. The residency is located in the northern area of Bandung in a beautiful atmosphere of a traditional building with accommodation facilities, space for exploration and friends to discuss with. The program consists of activities like research, workshops, artist talks, public lectures, collaborations, exhibitions/shows, discussions etc. The residency program works in collaboration with various cultural, educational, media, community and government institutions. The residency has officially taken place since 2019 with the presence of Rahul Sharma (musician, India) and Nova Ruth (musician, Indonesia) and 2020 Katsura Kan (Butoh performer, Japan). Having experienced a break during the pandemic, this residency is expected to be able to resume in the near future.